Full Schedule
Discover your next favorite band. New music & fun chatter with Nora & guests.
"Blues had a baby and they named it rock n roll..."
Songs to listen to while you cozy up to a nice pizza.
local music plus emerging bands from around the country Requests send to birdflukitchenrecords@gmail.com
A celebration of the past, present and future emo and post hardcore, and all the things they represent!
Themed playlists that make you feel things.
Up & coming local acts and touring bands.
ear rippers and garage bangers that promise to get you cats all riled up.
various shades of rock: indie, punk, new wave, hard rock & garage
Nice music. No mean music.
Oldies like you've never heard them before.
Indie rock and its discontents, past and present.
60 minutes of the same artist, band, album, or theme
Coastal curated jams from the west & midwest. New garage, indie, punk & whatever else we feel like throwin' down.
An eclectic collection of Rock from Heavy to Avant Garde Experimental awash in a soup of destiny.
Stories, music, and ramblings at an ambling shuffle.
Post-Rock, Math-Rock, .... mostly instrumental - none of that verse/chorus stuff
BFF.fm's unintentionally-comedic duo of beardy British men
High-energy punk, pop, and rock n' roll.
A show about live shows in and around San Francisco.
Spinning local tastes & flavors from the Bay Area's past, present & future.
Three shows in one! Arts and pop culture, rock and roll, video games and more!
lots of grooving, a good amount of jangling, some jingling, and a splash of rocking
I came to shred but ripped instead
I've got a bunch of 45's and I'm gonna play 'em.
So many feelings, so many feels.
hot licks and dank riffs from yesterday and today
the best of independent music locally, nationally and internationally
Canada won't let you in? Try some musical time travel instead.
Showcasing the local heroes keeping the music alive and well in the Bay area.
Analog 80s with no checkerboard vans in sight.
songs and words celebrating music, art, community, and friendship.
Making Mondays better, one song at a time.
Synths, indie, garage, punk, hip-hop, classic country, psych & much more.
Hidden gems from various women-led movements in music.
Magical pairings of songs with San Francisco spots/feels.
Femme and non-binary jams for the unwashed masses.
Brit-Pop/Post-Punk/Indie/Garage/Rock and Psych
Rock Music and Revolution to wake up to.
Local-ish music, interviews, general bizness (boys allowed).
A delicious blend of SF Bay Area music served with all the fixing's
New music and details on concerts and parties coming to the Bay Area. Plus, some throwback jams and choice cuts for your Sunday supper.
Fresh and eclectic music straight from Latin America.