Dj Mr Darcy


Howdy y'all, I'm from East Jesus Nowhere, actually the Midwest Nowhere, and am popping a squat in the West for grad school at USF in the MFA Writing program. In between study time, I'm looking for inspiration to keep on keepin' on through the majesty of music. And being a radio DJ is essentially the pot of gold at the end of that coping-with-acute-academic-anxiety rainbow. I play mostly new releases from up and comers in genres of rock, folk, hip hop, pop, indie/alternative, and sub-genres of those dudes.


Recent Broadcasts


The Existentialist Playlist

Give your brain a break, and hand the reins of wandering thoughts over to these songs that ponder what it means to exist.

Take A Knee and Listen

In honor of Black History Month, here's our list of exceptional new albums from African American artists.

Winter Olympics Playlist

We’ve compiled a gold medal worthy playlist to celebrate the Games! Kill two birds with one Curling stone, and get your fill in the spirit of both athletics and music.