DJ Benedict Arnold's Top 5 British Records of 2015
12:25pm, 12/13/2015
Ash from TMN picks his top 5 albums and top 15 tracks of 2015!
2:11pm, 12/10/2015
Whoa. Whoa! Whoaaaa! I can't be the end of the year already. Damn, and my hangover just started. Check out this prime cuts of musical beef from 2015
3:21pm, 12/02/2015
Sagittarius: This is a month for taking a beat, for getting centered, for finding the small, still orb inside you that lights your path ahead...
1:16pm, 12/01/2015
I’ve never done a full metal-only list, but honestly I listen to wayyyyy more metal than I ever write about on AGB, so this sort of makes up for that I guess.
12:33pm, 12/01/2015
There was so much amazing fucking music this year, I had to put together not one, not two, but FOUR lists, this is the first of em, and it’s a fuckin doozy, since there were way too many killer drone records.
12:30pm, 12/01/2015
VIPs get a tote bag stuffed with musical goodies, plus other surprises! All other tickets are name your price, with all proceeds helping us update our main studio broadcast console.
5:39pm, 11/24/2015
"But San Francisco radio isn’t dead — it’s arguably closer to its roots than radio stations have brought the pirate radio vibe back..."
11:07am, 11/16/2015
Give thanks for face-melting riffs, as we continue our Thanksgiving tradition...DJ Teitan will spin metal all night at Pops after dinner. Digest that!
9:18am, 11/15/2015
Our last update from Iceland Airwaves. What a great festival it was! We're so glad to have been able to cover it these past four days. Read more...
9:47am, 11/08/2015
It's been a damp Airwaves so far, but with so much great music, it's easy to still feel warm and cozy inside! Here are just some of the highlights...
5:53am, 11/06/2015
Hear highlights from the Lucky Records Off-Venue during Iceland Airwaves 2015
11:06am, 11/05/2015
Part 2 of our coverage of Iceland Airwaves. Read about what went down at the Agent Fresco, Berndsen, dj. flugvél og geimskip, Mr Silla & Mitski shows & more.
5:52am, 11/05/2015
Highlights from Day 1 of Iceland Airwaves music festival. Amanda & Mai saw nearly a dozen bands in one day! (but don't worry, they narrowed it down for you.)
2:56pm, 11/04/2015
Spooky scary! Check out all the musical tricks and treats you can expect to hear on the air.
7:50pm, 10/25/2015
Beatrix Gravesguard and Shewolfe are two San Francisco DJ’s bringing some spookiness to the airwaves at, haunting from a discrete location where life-like papier-mâché trees creep up the walls and hang from the ceiling.
11:23am, 10/20/2015
Cosmic Amanda & Mai are in Reykjavík and will be blogging throughout the fest PLUS will be livestreaming from Lucky Records, where we're we're co-presenting a showcase!
6:51pm, 10/19/2015