2016 Top 5
Once again in the turn of the new year, I get to distill the thousand pieces of music we played in 2016 down to just five records.
5:54pm, 1/07/2017
We played a lot of awesome music in 2016. Let's taco bout it.
10:13am, 1/01/2017
2016 was a horrible reason for a lot of reasons, but not music. I wish I had more time to play music for you. And yet, New Year's Eve couldn't get here fast enough.
2:37pm, 12/31/2016
A mini mix tape of soothing soft rocking tunes to whisper good riddance to 2016.
1:46pm, 12/31/2016
Some of my musical choices are a result of extreme loyalty. Also, am fully aware that Beyoncé's Lemonade is probably better than anything I've chosen by a magnitude of 1000%...But others will list her and I really liked these other albums too.
5:56pm, 12/30/2016
In no particular order I give you my top 5, I mean 6, I mean 7 picks of 2016.
8:00pm, 12/29/2016
DJ Sanspants' Top 5 of 2016. Did you make the list?
7:04pm, 12/13/2016
Lizzy's rock'n'roll tops for 2016.
4:56pm, 12/10/2016
The Monday Lineup serves you up with 2016's top 5 mood-boosting tracks and a dose of positivity to take you right into 2017!
10:15pm, 12/04/2016
My top 5 albums of the year, they're probably yours too!
6:21pm, 12/03/2016
Top 5 artists to take with you to 2017 as we leave 2016 behind for good.
11:21am, 12/02/2016