NxWorries is a duo comprised of producer Knxwledge and lyricist Anderson .Paak. Yes Lawd! rings timeless by its sampling of classic soul music – Knxwledge flawlessly updates the emotional strings and instrumentals of these old school songs and when paired with .Paak's gritty delivery we are left with chest pounding Hip Hop. All I can do is sway side-to-side with the beat, feeling the feels and sways of emotion. A nod to the timeless estílo of J Dilla and Kanye, notorious samplers of heartfelt and slow soul. Homages like this are kind of like smothering veggie's in cheese – doin' what it takes to get kids to eat healthier, or in this case LISTEN TO YOUR VEGGIES!  

Check it:

What More Can I Say by NxWorries

What More Can I Say by The Notations

.Paak's delivery often confuses me with Chance – the gospal and raspy voice cuts music, but hey, the more dope MC's telin' us to love and live, the better!

Timeless album. Dope album. Dope duo!