ABYSSAL have always been a really low-profile entity within the death
metal scene for the most part. Even though their new album
“Antikatastaseis” is their third album, the band have recorded their
previous two releases mainly for self-release digitally (where they
would make their albums available mainly for free) and via CDR for
anyone who requested a physical copy of their work. The band never had
partaken in any live activities, interviews or any kind of promotion
likewise for their work either. When the band made their last album
“Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius” available digitally and would burn
CDRs for any listener who requested, Profound Lore just happen to come
across this mesmerizing death metal release by chance and decided to
release it officially in a limited run (now pretty much sold out). It
was then that ABYSSAL’s awareness was being made as a band who created
some of the most intriguing death metal coming out today combining
vicious brutality, technicality, and a very dark foreboding atmosphere
which would compare them to the likes of such bands as PORTAL, IMPETUOUS

With their new album “Antikatastaseis”, ABYSSAL are primed to release
what will be considered one of the most intriguing and most brutal and
darkest death metal releases of the year, one that will realize them as
one of the best death metal bands coming out of the UK today alongside
GRAVE MIASMA and CRUCIAMENTUM. By taking their musical fortitude to
heights much darker, more brutal, and even more melodic and technical,
ABYSSAL have raised a bar in the genre of death metal with their new

Highly recommended and has been on constant rotation by DJ Teitan of Cult of Riffs! CD version available via Profound Lore and vinyl version available via Iron Bonehead. Listen to the entire album streaming free HERE!