Take A Knee and Listen

In honor of Black History Month, here's our list of exceptional new albums from African American artists.

Winter Olympics Playlist

We’ve compiled a gold medal worthy playlist to celebrate the Games! Kill two birds with one Curling stone, and get your fill in the spirit of both athletics and music.

List of Ladies’ Must-Hear Albums

Here’s a compilation of newly released and forthcoming albums created by ladies who are guaranteed to rock your Crocs off.

State of Confusion Address Playlist

In reflection of the 2018 State of the Union Address, DJ Mr. Darcy has compiled a playlist of songs to help you persist and stay groovy. Your Ultimate Long-Weekend Summer Playlist

Compiled by Shewolfe and Beatrix Graveguard of Astral Projection Radio Hour, "this 14-song set is full of dance-worthy tunes, shout-it-out anthems and a handful of the “sonic spells” they’re famous for..."

SFBAM Magazine: The Nerv 'Trust in Fire'

Steve Foxx reviews The Nerv's "Trust in Fire" for SFBAM Magazine: "Maybe you’re not old enough to remember the good ole days of Northern California Hardcore, or maybe you can’t remember it from all the cracked 40’s and cross tops you ingested..."

CMJ Chart Discovery: Crepes (BFF.FM)

"BFF.FM gave us a taste of Melbourne-based Crepes by spinning their carefree guitar-pop single Stages Of Fear this week. Crepes debut EP Cold Summers is due out next week, and we are looking forward to hearing more jangly, laidback tunes..."