ALLSORTS BEST OF 2018 Hit Parade

Michele K-tel kicks off 2019 with the ALLSORTS Best of 2018 Hit Parade packed w/ all the musical resistance, hope, despair + joyful optimism of the preceding year. Here's a glance at the Top 5.

Mai + Charlie’s Top 5 of 2018 Albums


Music can save you. 2018 was a difficult year to live through, but these five albums made things a little easier. Check out these messiahs in vinyl form.

The Revolution Summer's Top 5 of 2018

It has been another year. With mountains of things to say about a year like the one that is, or has been, 2018, the only thing that I can even begin to be called an "expert" on is the incredibly narrow corner of music I have resigned my interest to, there