This group is difficult, if not impossible, to describe.  They're like if M.I.A., Beck, and Sufjan Stevens had an In-vitro fertilized band. Or something in that realm.  We are super stoked to spread the news of the band's debut album "Superorganism."  The eight-member ensemble's  unique sound resonates with their interestingly assorted backgrounds.  Their ages range from 17-32 and homelands vary from New Zealand, Australia, England, Japan, and South Korea.  This international phenomenon met like any other meaningful relationship begins, through bonding over Internet memes and YouTube videos.  

It would behoove you to take a gander at their delightfully psychedelic-synth-art pop tunes.  The album releases on Friday, March 2nd, which you can purchase here.  And until then, get a sneak listen of these singles, It's All Good and Reflections On The Screen.

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